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We employ modern technologies to create turn-key solutions tailored for your business needs. We provide full support for our apps, but we also use common technologies, so you can switch providers later, if you want to.


Some of the clients that use our products or services.

What people say about MWARE PRO

MWARE PRO and Marius Stuparu are our main partners and we've done outstanding work together for the past +3 years. From building websites and applications to creating and editing compelling video & photo content, we recommend MWARE PRO whole-heartedly for any project in which you need a logical, rational backbone approach with a touch of... magic.

Plus there's always the human behind all the skills - Marius is trustworthy, dedicated and always sets up the best playlists for days on set. We are partners and friends and I may be subjective, but I'm just going to tease this: his work will turn you into Mware Pro friends as well!

Marius stopped at nothing to make sure the application he developed for me runs and works as intended. Will work again, surely!

We particularly recommend MWARE PRO for video development and editing where attention to detail is needed. We worked with Marius on a cooking project for Franke & Franke Romania and videos rendered were outstanding - concept, quality and footage the type of cooking shows on dedicated TV channels.

One other expertise we valued was Marius' application development skills. He goes through databases with a fine tooth comb and always delivers seamless work, especially in e-commerce related minute projects.


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