Filming and Photography

Filming: Produce, Edit, Publish

We are your single point of contact for producing any type of video your business needs.

You bring the idea and leave us the task of finding and hiring the talent and crew and renting the right equipment to bring it to light. We know people that know people 😉

The pivotal point of any video production are the people involved in it. This is why finding the right talent and crew are our main priority when starting a new production.

We work only with talented actors and skilled technicians that we trust to deliver the high quality work that you expect. Yes, that comes at a price (as anything else), but this is the only way we work.

Of course, in order to make our talent shine, we also need high-quality tools to record them. That's why we only work with industry-standard equipment for every step of the production, from filming and recording audio to editing and color grading.

Check out our portfolio for some of the more recent works, and see if our tastes match. The contact options are always available.

Photography: we can do static too

Portraits, fashion and corporate images are our main specialties.

Processing, editing and compositing those photos into an attractive image is what makes us stand out to the people looking to buy your products.

We encourage you to use stock imagery for illustrating concepts in your presentations. But nothing is more personal to your clients than your own or your employees' image.

Of course, you wouldn't find your products on Shutterstock or Unsplash.

We bring the studio to you, because you are not working in a white-walled empty room. Your clients want to see a real person in a real environment.

For presenting your fashion or beauty products, MWARE PRO can also hire the best models, make-up artists and hair stylists.