Live Events Production

Livestreaming: any place, any platform

Connecting live with your clients or audiences is a huge step in getting your message to them.

But going live is a huge challenge, both techical and ligistical, with many rules that need to be followed by the book. There are many variables that could make the difference between 50 and 20000 viewers.

We at MWARE PRO are proud to own not only the technical knowledge and equipment, but also the practical know-how that brings audiences to you. So let's talk!

Hackathons and programming competitions

Coding contests bring out the best ideas in a very short time span. They are also a lot of fun.

Many companies use hackathons as a fast idea generator for their current or future products, or to test R&D concepts.

Incentivized by the competition (and the prizes, let's be honest), large gatherings of programmers challenge themselves to find winning ideas that are mutually benefic.

In a period of time of usually 24 or 48 hours, solutions that you might not have even thought of are put in a POC or a working application.

Having organized a handful of hackathons in the past, we at MWARE PRO have the know-how and the best practices to create a successful hackathon for you.

You only need to bring the idea (and the prizes), and leave the rest to our team. We will find a suitable location (or online platform), bring in the programmers, catering, live streaming, jury and anything else.