Software Development

E-Commerce & Presentation Websites

MWARE PRO is the company behind some very successful e-commmerce websites.

We handle all sizes and shapes of websites, and are able to integrate with any workflow or infrastructure. Our "weapons of choice" are Magento 2 and WooCommerce.

There are some website solutions on the market that allow you to "build your own website without knowing how to code". And if that fulfills your needs, we're OK with that.

But what if you need something custom, something very specific to your business that all the generic solutions can't handle?

We build your website starting with a custom design that fits your brand and style. Then we do the coding part — you still don't need to learn that — integrating with any other system on the way (ERP, payment and shipping providers).

In the end, we deploy your fresh e-shop on the server of your choice or in the cloud. Of course, you also receive post-launch support from us, for as long as you decide.

Customized Software Applications

Modern times have shown that software applications are permeating almost any aspect of life.

Smart homes, smart watches, smart cars, smart cities. Behind any smart object, there's smart programming.

A few years ago, "software" only meant desktop or mobile applications and websites. But now, inanimate objects are starting to communicate with us and eachother, through software applications.

At MWARE PRO we are flexible and nimble enough to build software "life" into those objects, using modern programming and architecture.

We are "fluent" in the most important programming languages on the market, but, more importantly, we are able to make different systems and architectures "talk" with eachother.

Let's have a talk about your software needs, and we will find the best solution for you and then code it. Request a quote through the contact options.